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Employment Law Attorney in Houston, Texas

Our skilled employment attorney is dedicated to protecting the rights of both employees and employers across various industries. With a deep understanding of employment regulations and extensive experience in this field, we are committed to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients in Houston, Texas, and beyond.

Employment Law Matters We Handle

  • Wrongful Termination

  • Discrimination including age, disability

  • Employment contracts

  • Sexual harassment

  • Severance / “Golden Parachute” packages and executive buy-outs

Employment-related legal issues can be challenging and emotionally charged. At Tate Young Law Firm, we recognize the significance of these matters and strive to provide compassionate yet results-driven representation. Whether you are an individual seeking redress for workplace injustices or an employer looking to stay compliant with employment laws, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the legal process.

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Our attorney boasts a diverse background in handling a wide range of employment matters. From discrimination and harassment claims to wage and hour disputes, we are well-equipped to protect the rights and interests of our clients. We stay current on the ever-changing landscape of employment laws, ensuring that our advice is current and effective.

A skilled negotiator and seasoned litigator, Tate Young is prepared to represent our clients in contract negotiations, administrative proceedings, and courtrooms. No matter your legal issue, our goal is to provide effective solutions that align with your unique circumstances and objectives.

Comprehensive Employment Law Services

Tate Young Law Firm offers comprehensive employment law services to both employees and employers. For employees, we advocate fiercely against workplace discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination. We are dedicated to helping you understand your rights and pursuing justice on your behalf.

For employers, we provide proactive legal counsel to ensure compliance with state and federal employment regulations. From drafting employee handbooks and contracts to handling employment-related disputes, we are committed to minimizing legal risks and promoting a harmonious workplace environment.

Serving Businesses and Individuals With One-of-a-Kind Needs

At Tate Young Law Firm, we place a strong emphasis on building meaningful client relationships based on trust and open communication. We take the time to listen to your concerns, assess your unique situation, and develop personalized strategies that align with your goals. Throughout the legal process, we keep you informed, empowered, and involved.

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If you are facing an employment law matter in Houston, Texas, Tate Young Law Firm is ready to assist. Our dedicated employment law attorney is committed to safeguarding your rights and protecting your interests. We proudly serve the surrounding community of Harris County, Galveston County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and Waller County, as well as clients across the country. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can be your steadfast advocates in employment law matters.